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Rehab Therapy in Jacksonville FL, St Augustine

Whether acute or chronic, and whether from stiff joints, back pain, or from any one of a myriad of other causes, finding the right treatment can be tricky physically and emotionally.

Rehab Therapy requires a multi-level approach to mitigate the harshest aspects of the pain, to ease the suffering and to render life more manageable for those afflicted with pain.

Medications are used for the treatment of underlying injuries or disease, while other medications for working on the symptoms of pain. Unrelieved and chronic pain may lead to treatments of non-pharmacological measures such as physical therapy and exercise.

ACE MEDICAL Physiatrists

Our physiatrists are highly trained medical doctors who have undergone specialized training in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R). They have a combined experience of 27 years in designing comprehensive treatment plans for pain management, Pediatric Rehabilitation Medicine, Spinal Cord Injury Medicine, and Sports Medicine.

Here is what ACE MEDICAL Physiatrists do

  • Their primary goal is to attend to patients with pain, weakness, numbness and, more generally, overall or partial loss of function.
  • They are consulted when pain, weakness, or disability obstructs a patient from attaining their optimal level of independence.
  • They endeavor to optimize what a patient can do, and they assist the patient in adjusting to what they cannot do.
  • Although they commonly practice on their own, they also work in different medical settings, including in a consulting capacity.
  • By enabling physiologic adaptation to disability, they prevent complications or deterioration that come as a consequence to the disability.
  • They prescribe salutary exercise and workouts, prosthetics / orthotics, and adaptive devices to treat patients of all ages.
  • Their field is at the forefront of medicine, serving all age groups and treating problems that touch upon all major systems of the body.

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