Narcan Distribution and Opioid Overdose Prevention Program

Community Action for Responding to Emergencies and Saving lives

Program Goals

  • To reduce opioid-related overdoses and deaths in Duval County, St. Johns County, and surrounding counties in Florida.
  • To increase access to Narcan (Naloxone) for individuals at risk of opioid overdose.
  • To educate communities on opioid overdose prevention and response.

Program Components

Mobile Distribution Units

  • Deploy mobile units equipped with trained staff to high-risk areas.
  • Provide on-site Narcan distribution, training, and education on opioid overdose prevention.

Street Teams

  • Form outreach teams to engage with vulnerable populations, including homeless individuals and those with substance use disorders.
  • Distribute Narcan kits, offer harm reduction information, and connect individuals to local resources for treatment and support.

Community Partnerships

  • Collaborate with local healthcare providers, pharmacies, and addiction treatment centers.
  • Establish drop-off points for unused opioids and provide Narcan kits to patients receiving opioid prescriptions.

Mail Order Option

  •  Develop an online platform for individuals to request Narcan kits via mail.
  •  Include educational materials and instructions on proper use and storage.

School and College Initiatives

  • Partner with schools and colleges to offer Narcan training to staff, teachers, and students.
  • Distribute Narcan kits and provide overdose response education.

Workplace Programs

  •  Offer workplace-based Narcan training and distribution to employees.
  •  Encourage businesses to have Narcan readily available in case of emergencies.

Community Workshops and Events

  •  Organize regular workshops and events in collaboration with local community centers.
  •  Provide Narcan training, overdose prevention education, and resources for addiction support.

Data Collection and Analysis

  •  Continuously monitor and analyze opioid-related data, including overdose rates and Narcan usage.
  •  Use data to identify high-risk areas and adjust distribution strategies accordingly.

Public Awareness Campaigns

  • Launch public awareness campaigns through media outlets, social media, and community outreach.
  • Promote the importance of having Narcan on hand and knowing how to use it.

Evaluation and Feedback

  • Conduct regular evaluations of the program’s effectiveness.
  • Gather feedback from program participants and stakeholders to make improvements.

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